Who Inspires Richard Branson?

Although we often look up to our own heroes for inspiration, we seldom question who it was that inspired them to achieve massive success.  Richard Branson, undoubtedly one of the most successful modern entrepreneurs, who experienced dyslexia and poor academic performance as a student, and is now worth an estimated $4.2 billion, looked up to Douglas Bader, a family friend and legendary British pilot during World War II.  When Bader was 21, he crashed his plane and lost both his legs while attempting some aerobatics.  Although this would be enough to scare most people away from setting foot in a plane ever again, Bader rejoined the Air Force after the outbreak of World War II and participated in several large battles.   He was shot down over German-occupied France, made a number of extraordinary escape attempts with varying degrees of success, and was eventually rescued.  Bader continued to fly until 3 years before his death.  The moral of the story being once you have set a goal in your mind, stop at nothing to achieve it, even if it costs you your limbs.




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  1. Read the article before, wanted to post it on my own blog. Nice approach by providing wiki links for further context. I checked out you other posts and your bio, I like the purpose-based concept, which I try to employ as well.

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