About Me


I’m a DOD NDSEG Fellow at UC Santa Barbara, finishing up my PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering and actively interviewing on the job market, specializing in the development of reconfigurable nanophotonic devices with the Schuller Lab.

My PhD experience was “full stack”. I was intimately involved in all aspects of the research process, from first-principles analytical derivations and numerical simulation, to nano-fabrication and experimental characterization, and communication of findings through articles and conference presentations.

Concurrently with my PhD I developed my software engineering and machine learning skills. I created a full-stack JavaScript-based web app for visualizing experimental data. I achieved top 10% rankings in several Kaggle competitions. I developed an A/B testing framework for optimizing social media profile photos. And, most recently, I completed a full-stack data science project in which I scraped an online dataset, performed extensive data analysis and unsupervised learning, developed an item-similarity-based recommendation engine, and engineered machine-learning-based classifier.

I received my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics, with a minor in Physics, at the University of Buffalo in Buffalo, New York. While at Buffalo I helped lead the University at Buffalo Nanosatellite Program, a 50+ student organization tasked with designing a satellite for the Air Force Research Labs and NASA.  As the Chief Engineer, I helped raise over $165,000 in funding and interacted with numerous stakeholders in industry and academia.